Acosta Sales & Marketing Merchandising Specialist in Richmond, California



  • Independent Stores – responsible for merchandising all core distribution / new items according to direction received from assigned RSR.

  • Secure secondary permanent locations on appropriateskus

  • Headquarter controlled stores with and without autonomy – responsible for compliance to headquarter distributionstandards.

  • Responsible for optimizing adequate in-store conditions (out of stock, voids, etc.)along with identifying and resolving root cause issues.

  • Identification and correction of any OSA opportunities

  • Ensures product is rotated and is in good selling condition.


  • Independent Stores – responsible formerchandisingthe properplacementof allcore distribution / new items according to direction received from assigned RSR.

  • Headquarter controlled stores with and without autonomy –ensures compliance to proper placement according to authorized planograms.


  • Ensure price tags are upand when directed by RSRensure promoted price is executed, communicate issues in a timely manner (both on and off shelf).


  • Independent Stores /Headquarter controlled stores with autonomy- merchandiseincrementaldisplays according to directionreceived from assigned RSR forboth in-aisleand high trafficlocations. Responsible formerchandisingas directed by assigned RSR, i.e. temporary price reductions, displays, local events, POS, digital activation, IRCs, etc.

  • Headquarter controlled stores with / without autonomy – ensures compliance and proper reporting to all headquarter promotion plans (price reductions, displays, local events, POS, digital activation, IRCs, etc.)

  • If Nestlé product is available,and space is available, MS is expected to leverage white space display opportunities and move product to the floor.

Coverage / ROI Responsibility

  • MaximizeROI within the territory, primarily using suggested assigned territory frequency and time in store guidelines. MShas flexibility to adjust coverage based on opportunities to maximize territoryROI as directed and approved by the Nestle RSR

  • Understands ROI of in store activities and aligns plans/priorities to maximize value of time in store.

  • Ensures Nestlé portfolio is represented within territory and ROI is maximized,

  • Managesand plans ahead leveraging fact-basedin store sellingtechniques to deliverresults


  • Accurately record activities within each store call and during assigned admin time in RW3

  • Accuratereporting of time and attendance isrequired through ATLAS

  • Perform required administrative functions (email, communication to Nestlé team, RMM, etc.)

  • Responsible to manage and plan ahead ontacticalworkper business plan and guidance from Nestle RSR priorto storevisit


  • Develops proper relations with department store level personnel within territory in order to maximize merchandising results

  • Provides timely communication to assigned RSR regarding completed in-store work

  • Provides timely communication to assigned RSR and RMM regarding any business challenges

  • Proactively shares best practices, solutions, and insights across the team

  • Interfaces with customers and consumers as a representative of Nestlé

  • Communicates competitive and market activity / insights toRMM.



  • Deliver Sales Fundamentals (Distribution, Shelving, Merchandising, and Pricing goals across all principals on agreed to retail priorities for a dedicated team in an assigned territory.

  • Maintain continual improvement of sales coverage and productivity for a dedicated team in an assigned territory.

  • Follow Company policy in execution of work.

  • Collaborate with supervisors on all major retail initiatives (new product introductions, contests, etc.)

  • Work with dedicated team principals in territory as assigned by supervisor.

  • Personally call on and develop relationships with key retail store operations decision-makers which enable Business Managers to achieve the dedicated team principals' objectives.

  • Develop and sell all key store personnel on major principal objectives such as brand information, shelf standards, etc.

  • Coordinate all merchandising events for a dedicated team in assigned territory.

  • Assist supervisors and Sales Manager in communicating customer needs, objectives, and future plans.

  • Develop and execute retail territory coverage plan to ensure prioritized coverage goals are met.

  • Develop and execute personal Performance Agreement.

  • Perform special projects as assigned by supervisor or Sales Manager.

  • Maintain full distribution and display of products in assigned accounts.

  • Rotate stock, clean and stock display and price merchandise as appropriate.

  • Perform such duties as checking date codes, ensuring adherence to approved plan-o-gram.

  • Report observations to Unit Manager regarding outdated product, unbalanced stock, out-of-stock situations and point of purchase requirements.


  • High School diploma or GED required.

  • A minimum of one (1) year of previous retail experience preferred.

  • Must be able to lift up to 60 pounds.

  • Must have a valid driver's license and must be able to drive a car for extended period of time.

  • Must be willing and able to work in extremely cold conditions (i.e. refrigerated and freezer sections of retail stores).

  • Must be able to effectively communicate with others.

  • Must have internet access and an email address available.

Acosta Sales & Marketing is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Work State US-CA

Job ID 2016-109836

Work City Richmond

PCN 176411

Position Type Regular Part-Time

Work Zip 94801

Starting average hours per week 20-24

Category Field Jobs